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Commercial Coffee

Almaz Seyoum Beyene Coffee Is Founded December 10, 2010.The Company is Hoghly Involved In Exporting Sidamo, Yirgachefe, Lekemte, Jimma, Limmu And Harare Coffee Both Natural (Sundried) And Washed.Purchasing Processing And Exporting Of Arabica Green Coffee Bean Is What Our Major Activities Are.

Our Company Is Now Exporting Ethiopian Arabica Green Coffee Bean Both In The Mainstream And Specialty Coffee Market (Asia, Europe, USA, And The Middle East.)

We Are Proud That The Company’s Export Performance In Sales Volume Increased From 91.2 Tons, 628.8 Tons, 1980 Tons And 1224 Tons In The Year 2012, 2013, 2014 And 2015 Respectively.

Almaz Seyoum Coffee Industry Has A Very Well Organized And Structured Management System. Our Current Working Capital Is 50 Million ETB

In Guji zone shakiso/tero city and Dimtu Hambela site 4 fully equiped wet mill and 1 dry mill has been installed 300mt capacity warehouse,cherry collection trucks and waste treatment system. with this state of art ,Dimtu coffee industries aim is to enhance small hollder fine Arabica Guji Coffee Quality through wet/dry mill processing of the coffee cheries.The combination of trainings,coffee processing methods and Internal controling mechanism enable Dimtu Coffee industry to combine quality improvement & triple certification (organic,UTZ,RFA) which benifit the farmers and opens up broad marketing possiblities to enable them to trade int higher value market.

Dimtu Coffee Industry is producing Guji Coffee that has single origin, organic and traceable specialty coffee.For this we are achieving several certification by partnering with CERES



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