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For more than ten years, Dimtu has grown, processed, and exported Arabica Ethiopian Guji coffee!

The traceability of coffee is our top priority. We offer you with a single-origin, organic specialty coffee.

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Dimtu sustainably grows, prepares, and sells premium Ethiopian green coffee beans to the specialty and premium commercial coffee markets..

As out-growers, we integrated small-scale coffee farmers into the company.

Smallholders will be included in our sustainable coffee projects.

The small-holder farmers ought to be paid a premium price

Increase the capacity of our specialty coffee supply.



  • Best harvesting practice followed

  • Coffee preselect by floating Mechanism

  • coffee dries by Shade drying Method

  • Final coffee processing is settled by Our own company

  • Fast Delivery

Dimtu joined the coffee sector on December 2010 GC through Almaz seyoum Beyene coffee exporting company.

ASB focused on purchasing Ethiopian Arabica coffee from the ECX & export to the different parts of the world.

Dimtu was established and moved to the sector by constructing wet and dry mill at Hambela site. The company expand its involvement in coffee value chain by secured 151 ha coffee farm land and integrated with small scale frmers in Guji zone,Odo Shakiso district,where the natural environment is found favourable & ideal for the production of high quality coffee with unique flavours and aromas

The Farm

Dimtu secured 151 hectare of coffee farm land in Guji zone,Odo Shakiso district where the natural environment was found favorable and ideal for the production of high quality coffee with unique flavors and aromas



Dimtu follows inclusive growth ,Our company uses Growing with the local communities as a business philosophy, we have integrated 798 smallholders farmers as out growers (from these 798 out-growers are located in Shakiso that we organize and certified the rest are in Hambela washing stations). The smallholders receive premiums on top of the regular cherry price, interest-free loans, improved coffee seedlings, processing equipment, and training (In productivity, quality, and sustainability)



Dimtu Provides and organize training for our company professionals and the out-growers and certified by several countries regulation for better farming, Environmental friendly, better working conditions and examined by External Auditors every year constantly since 2016.

MEET OUR Coffee Processing


Since 2007, Dimtu has been dedicated to producing, processing, and exporting high-quality specialty coffee. We offer both washed and unwashed (natural) Guji coffee, available in grades 1, 2, 3, and 4, sourced from our advanced processing units.

Coffee Wet Mill

high quality washed coffee is processed

Dimtu has established 6 washing stations in the Dimtu & Urga districts and Hambela sites since the year of 2007Gc.

Coffee Dry mill

This processing method is very Natural,sundried unwashed coffee

At Dimtu Coffee Industry, we are proud to operate a top-tier hulling station dedicated to processing the finest quality natural (unwashed) coffee. Our facilities are located in the Shakiso Wereda, specifically in Tero Town and Hambela, ensuring we bring you the best coffee from these renowned regions.


finalizing the coffee processing as Export standard

Welcome to our state-of-the-art coffee processing plant, located in Dukem City, just 30km from Addis Ababa. Established in the 2019/2020 crop year, our facility boasts a processing capacity of 6 tons per hour and spans a spacious 4,500 square meters.



Dimtu coffee industry is producing,processing and exporting a single origin orgnic speciality and commercial coffee for the international market, our coffee is certified by multi international certifiers and regulators here are some of our customers feedback :