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12 Years Of Experience

Our company is produce ,process and Export Arebica (Ethiopian Guji coffee) speciality and commercial coffee to the International Market by securing 151 hectare coffee farm and integrated with small scale coffee farmers by using washing and dry/natural processing methods.

We joined the coffee industry in December 2010 Gc, through establishing the Almaz seyoum Beyene coffee exporting company. This is our business entity (a sister company) that focused on purchasing Ethiopian Arabica coffee from the ECX & export it to different parts of the world.Dimtu established by constructing washing and dry mill at Hambela site and we expand our involvement in coffee value chain by securing 151 ha coffee farm land in Guji zone,Shakiso district,where the natural environment is found favourable & ideal for the production of high quality coffee with unique flavours and aromas

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Dimtu coffee industry is producing,processing and exporting a single origin orgnic speciality and commercial coffee for the international market, our coffee is certified by multi international certifiers and regulators here are some of our customers feedback :