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Unique Story

12 Years Of Experience

Dimtu coffee Industry produces ,process and Export Ethiopian Guji coffee speciality and commercial coffee to the International Market by securing 151 hectare coffee farm and integrated with small scale coffee farmers by using washing and dry/natural processing methods.

We joined the coffee industry in December 2010 Gc, through establishing the Almaz Seyoum Beyene coffee exporting company. This is our business entity (a sister company) that focused on purchasing Ethiopian Arabica coffee from the ECX & export it to different parts of the world.Dimtu established by constructing washing and dry mill at Hambela site and we expand our involvement in coffee value chain by securing 151 ha coffee farm land in Guji zone,Shakiso district,where the natural environment is found favourable & ideal for the production of high quality coffee with unique flavours and aromas

To produce, process and export top Quality Ethiopian grean Coffee beans in sustainable way to the specialty and high commercial coffee market.


To include the small holder farmers into our sustainable coffee programs


To pay premium price to small holder farmers


To increase our specialty coffee supply capacity

  • 100% Organic
  • Single origin
  • Traceable
  • Speciality
  • NOP,EU,JAS,RA,UTZ and C.A.F.E Practice Certified

Coffee Traceablity

We believe that there is no sustainablity without traceblity! Our traceability standard helps map and document a product history, creating trust and confidence toward consumers.

Coffee Quality & food Safty Management

We follow a systematic approach to control food safety hazards within our business in order to ensure that food is safe cosume . We give priority for Coffee Quality in place, implement and maintain a FSMS based on the principles of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Plan.

Good agricultural practices

Uses good agricultural practice as a collection of principles to apply for on-farm production and post-production processes, resulting in safe and healthy food


We believe in sustainability in sense that our business contributes to sustainability of development in so far as sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture. We understand that our commercial success depends on Environmental wellbeing and social responsibility.

Customer Focus

We are proactive in identifying needs and coming up with solution for the customers. Therefore, we work towards the satisfaction of our customers.

Trust, Honesty and Integrity

We aim to develop a strong and long lasting partnership with our customers as well as our work force through keeping our trust honesty and integrity.

Commitment to quality, excellence and professionalism

Primrose works towards assuring quality service to its customers in a professional manner. Accordingly, make sure that quality coffee beans are delivered based on the standard that the customers are requiring. Furthermore, the company provides wide variety of Ethiopian specialty coffee from their very origins with their unique profile, consistent quality and true flavor.

Commitment to social responsibility

Our aim is to build socially, environmentally and economically sustainable business by establishing long term maintenance of responsibility in the coffee industry. We invest and believe in the growth and development of our society.

Farm Location

Location: Tero/odo/Shakiso/Guji Zone

Gps coordinates: Latitiude of y:5.89186 and longitude of x:38.77679

Altitude: 1808-2128 Meter above sea level

Anual mean Temprature: 19-20.7

Coffee type:Guji grade 1,2,3 & 4

Topography:Hilly & Undulated

Mill Process:Natural(sun-dried) & Washed

Dimtu farm size: 151 ha

Number of Outgrower:786

Out-Growers farm size: 3181.7 ha

Growing With Local Community

As we are following Inclusive growth as business philosophy we are integrted with more than 786 farmers as outgrowers from Shakiso farm & Hambela Washing station with the capacity to export around 100 containors per Year


We have Four washing station ,Two Dry mill stations that processes washed and unwashed Coffees in Dimtu & Hambela sites and Warehouse In Dukem

Farm Location



Dimtu coffee industry is producing,processing and exporting a single origin orgnic speciality and commercial coffee for the international market, our coffee is certified by multi international certifiers and regulators here are some of our customers feedback :